In 1995, Konrad Scott began building Scott jet pumps.  His goal
was to build a better jet pump for the growing sport of sprint boat
racing in New Zealand.  Konrad was very successful doing this,
taking a couple of World Super Boat titles himself.  In fact, every
World Super Boat winner since 1995 has used a jet pump made by
Konrad.  In sprint boat racing to be competitive currently you need
a pump from Konrad Scott.
"Jet boating is not only our business it is our passion.  I have
spent 30 years involved in every aspect of jet boating.  Our range
of Water Jets, Trim Nozzles, Impellors and Accessories have
evolved from continued product developments to take jet boat
performance to a higher level and often beyond what others in the
industry think is possible.  I believe our products offer a
considerable advantage over the opposition and when correctly
matched to a suitable engine the advantages are very significant.  I
constantly update and develop our products to maintain our
advantages and we continuously develop our jet units to utilize the
constant performance enhancements made by engine makers."

- Konrad Scott
Konrad was 1996 World Super Boat champion, 1996 World Series
Super Boat champion, 1997 World Series Super Boat champion
and has won numerous regional and Australian titles over 20 years.

His jets have won every World Series from 1995 to the present in
both classes.
Scott Design & Manufacture, Ltd (SDM)
177 State Hwy. 1
Winchester, South Canterbury
New Zealand
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